Omaha Emergency Electrician

When disaster strikes, it’s essential to have a trusted emergency electrician on speed dial.

Metro Electric Co. of Omaha Inc prides itself on offering a full suite of emergency electrician services. We are always just around the corner and ready to help.

If you want more information or are looking to get a free quote on a specific service, call us now at (402) 895-9430. Our friendly operators are waiting to help.

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Metro Electric Co. of Omaha Inc’s Qualified Emergency Electricians

When you have an electrical emergency, you can count on us to provide immediate assistance. At the first sign of a problem, we’ll send one of our licensed, insured, and bonded professionals to your property.

We make sure that each person arrives with clear certifications and documentation and the right tools for the job in tow.

Our 24-Hour Electrician Services

Our 24-hour emergency electrical services are available at any time of day or night. When you choose us, you can always expect the following:

A Fast Response

There’s no time to waste when it comes to emergencies that could cause damage to your home or business. That’s why, when you request our emergency service, we let you know exactly when to expect us and arrive within the shortest delay.

An Honest Assessment

When you call us with an emergency, be prepared to explain the problem to us, and we will be happy to put your mind at ease over the phone. We’ll advise you on what steps to take in the meantime to ensure your safety.

Once we get there, we’ll carry out a speedy yet efficient assessment and tackle the problem accordingly.

A Detailed Follow-up

After each repair, we do a final inspection to make sure everything is working and up to code. We want to make sure that everyone is safe and happy with their experience with us.

Signs You May Need Emergency Electrical Repair

Any time you notice smoking, sparks, or burning around an outlet, you should call an emergency electrician right away, as these can be a hazard.

Contact our emergency electricians if you notice any of the following:

  • Burning smells
  • Brown marks near outlets
  • Buzzing from the breaker box
  • Sounds in the walls
  • Overloaded electrical panels
  • Frequent power loss

If you’re unsure if your electrical issue is an emergency, don’t risk it. Give us a call!

Emergency Electrician Services Prioritize Safety

If you’re seeing sparks come out of an outlet, or having your lights flicker on and off, our experienced electrician can take the steps needed to solve the issues at hand.

Our dedicated team will do our best to provide you with some much-needed peace of mind. We can even install new electrical features that will prevent these problems from reoccurring.

Contact Our Licensed Emergency Technicians Today

Is it urgent? Our 24-hour emergency electrical services have you covered at all hours of the day, every day.

We are home to some of Omaha’s most skilled electricians. To learn more about how we can help, call (402) 895-9430 today!

Gretna Emergency Electrician

When it comes to dealing with an electrical emergency in the Gretna area, there’s no one better for the job than Metro Electric Co. of Omaha Inc.

Electrical emergencies are rarer than most, but they can still catch you off-guard and leave you feeling vulnerable to danger. Hazards such as tripped wires and bad breakers are just a couple of examples.

Don’t get stuck in a panic while wondering if your electrical problem could cause you harm. Instead, contact our highly qualified 24-hour electricians by dialing (402) 895-9430!

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24-Hour Emergency Electrical Services

We have technicians on-call all day and night to help you restore your power in no time. Our electricians are fully licensed and insured and are committed to helping you in your time of need.

And while you can never completely prevent problems with electrical systems, we can help you better prepare for them by keeping your electrical system up to date and up to code. We can also install new features to minimize the chances of electrical failures. Plus, we offer consistent checks and inspections to make sure you’re never in the dark.

Metro Electric Co. of Omaha Inc’s Quick-Response Emergency Electricians

We pride ourselves on being some of the quickest to respond in the region. When you call us, we’ll be there within a matter of hours, if not minutes. We have trained to provide emergency responses and arrive with all the tools needed for your repair in tow.

Do You Need an Emergency Electrician?

You may be struggling to figure out whether the problem you are having is an emergency safety hazard. Here are a few things to watch out for that warrant a call to our team:

Full or Partial Power Loss

If you experience power losses often, whether it’s outlets that stop working or lights that go out, you should probably have an emergency electrician come over to check it out.

Burn Marks Around Outlets

If you notice black or brown streaks around outlets, it’s probably overloaded and starting to burn. This puts you at a high risk of fire, so it’s an urgent problem.

Unusual Noises or Smells

Burning smells and buzzing noises are just two examples of signs that your wiring or fuse box may be faulty. This can cause electrical failures and fires if not dealt with immediately.

Burning plastic is another sign that there may be a fire. If you notice this, it’s a good idea to shut off the power and call our experts.

If you experience any of the issues mentioned above or regularly have power losses in your house, give us a call. We’ll send someone to your property at your earliest convenience.

Call Us Now for Emergency Electrical Repair in Gretna

If you suspect an electrical emergency, don’t wait any longer. Give Metro Electric Co. of Omaha Inc a call. We are some of the most reputable electricians in Gretna, and we’ll restore your electricity before you know it.

Call us now at (402) 895-9430 to learn more about our 24-hour emergency electrical services.

Council Bluffs Emergency Electrician

Electrical problems can occur in any property and at any time of day or night. While you may or may not consider a problem an emergency, the truth is that faulty wiring or circuit overloads can lead to potential hazards.

Minimize the risks and call Metro Electric Co. of Omaha Inc’s emergency electricians as soon as you think there is something wrong. We’re here to help you with any problem, urgent or not. Either way, we’re happy to put your mind at ease by making sure that you are safe and sound.

Have an electrical emergency? Call (402) 895-9430 now for instant assistance!

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Metro Electric Co. of Omaha Inc’s 24-Hour Emergency Electrical Services

Our friendly electricians are on call all day and night, offering you expert emergency electrical service whenever you need it.

Here are some of the emergency services that we offer all of our residential and commercial customers:

  • Electrical rewiring
  • Electrical repairs
  • HVAC support
  • Breaker panel problems
  • Generator repairs services
  • And much more

Want to learn more about all the ways we can assist you? Don’t hesitate to reach out and speak with one of our friendly operators. They can dispatch an emergency electrician to your location ASAP.

Client-Focused 24-Hour Electricians

Our electricians are well-versed in all areas of emergency electrical repairs, and our top priority is protecting you and your loved ones. That’s why we always guarantee a speedy response, a thorough inspection, and an immediately effective electrical service.

Signs You Should Call an Emergency Electrician

It’s normal to feel uncertain whether a seemingly small issue could indicate a significant safety problem. Wiring problems can also happen out of sight, which is why professional inspections are crucial.

Take note of any power-related issues you may be experiencing, and give us a call. Here are the main signs that you need an emergency electrician:

Power Outages

If you experience regular power outages in your home or business, or a specific appliance keeps shutting down, you likely have a wiring issue and should request help right away.

Unusual Marks Around Power Outlets

If you notice black or brown marks around outlets or breakers, or if things are particularly hot in those areas, this could signal a potential fire hazard. You should try to get an inspection and repair right away.

Burning Smells and Buzzing Sounds

If the breaker is buzzing, or if you smell burnt plastic, you could have a serious problem and should distance yourself right away. If it is safe to turn off the power, do so and call us. If you do not feel safe, leave the premises and let us take over.

Contact Council Bluffs’s 24 HR Emergency Electricians Today

If you find yourself in an electrical emergency, our licensed and trained electrical contractors are here to be of immediate assistance.

We have happily served the Council Bluffs area for years, and we have a track record for being quick on our feet and efficient in our service execution.

Don’t wait and risk the problem getting worse. Call (402) 895-9430 now. Let us make sure you are safe and sound.